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Our Vision

William Carey University is a unique institution committed primarily to higher education where the academy integrates with the socio-economic and environmental realities in order to bring about the total transformation of people and their contexts. The university will bring together social, economic, environmental, cultural and academic activities in order to facilitate holistic growth for the community as well as to become a strategic institution.

An innovative range of study programs and research will be conducted within the unique context of the hill regions of NE India, where indigenous culture and the natural environment will be sustained alongside socio-economic development. Food, water, and energy will be the focus and partners from all over the world will participate with WCU.

Our Mission

In keeping with the vision, WCU will offer academic courses and programs that will equip students to get involved in commercial as well as service-oriented opportunities to bring transformation in the region and to the peoples of NE India. Thus, whether the teaching of Environment or Management, Education or IT programs; students will be trained and will study in an appropriate context in preparation for their professional activities. Knowledge, skills and the dispositions for service to the community will be cultivated. WCU programs will be both formal and non-formal as the university goes to the people rather than people coming into an academic sanctuary.

William Carey University will cultivate strategic alliances, both national and international, for the economic advantage of the people of NE India. WCU will facilitate appropriate research leading to industrial and commercial collaborations to create job opportunities at all levels. There is a wide scope for profitable ventures, as human, as well as natural resources; are plentifully available. Capital, as well as other investments will be encouraged. Commercial operations will be encouraged to simultaneously develop a commitment to the community.