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William Carey University is making slow but very steady progress as it moves towards fulfilling its objective of an integrated program benefiting the society. The main focus is on developing a professional institution that will not be a degree mill. Currently statistics claim that up to 85% of recent Indian University graduates are unemployed.

Chancellor Report

I appreciate the efforts of Prof C Nunthara who has made much progress during his time as Vice Chancellor, and now Dr Paul Mohan Raj, our Acting Vice Chancellor who is engaged in a number of activities to build on what has already been done. I am working closely with him as William Carey University takes a few proactive steps:

  • WCU will be a professional institution, and therefore only professional degrees are being offered. The degrees are in effect “two-edged”. On the one hand there is a direct commercial edge even for a degree such as Masters in Environmental Management. Students are taught how to utilize the vast God-given resources that are underutilized. Yet, on the other side there is an overt “development” angle. The program will develop the communities and their resources to bring about much needed environmental protection and community socio-economic development.
  • The second aspect of WCU’s strategy is to explore a job potential and create jobs for students. It is one thing to have a program named “Diploma in Aqua-culture” but if this does not lead to an available career the student is left hanging high and low! Deliberate steps must be taken.
  • With this in mind, WCU has entered into a partnership with “Grace City”- a Meghalaya based commercial operation. Plans for various commercial activities are in progress. There will be a huge job potential that will absorb a large number of our students. I am attaching a copy of our Strategic Collaboration. Partners such as APEX ENCON Projects and Life Line Pvt. Limited are discussing aspects of our joint ventures in aqua and agro-businesses.
  • While we will gradually lead towards obtaining our own UGC recognition, I am finalising two programmes to be offered in collaboration with recognised Indian Universities:
PG Dip in Integrated Education (Andhra University) Masters in Environmental Management (Kalyani University)

In conclusion, it is only a matter of time when our vision will come to fruition and North East India, but Meghalaya in particular, will be boasting of an entirely new paradigm in education. The WCU vision paper is also attached.

Thank you for standing with us.

Prof. Ken Gnanakan Chancellor @ WCU